Saturday, August 8, 2009

Breast Operation Indah Kalalo Doing?

Loop model as well as actress sexy classmates Indah Kalalo indeed often invite click impressed men, even of late elegancy body had become a focus. A beautiful have to do breast surgery, eventually disputed the newspaper's italics.

"Yesterday was to France, I met witht love. If the operation is not a bust. Perhaps because the previous person had not see me wear a bikini so surprised. Right on the beach, if I may use something more. I do not object to it because all the porsi . All that I am happy with it, "he said.

Women aged 28 years old even confessed he had never undergo any operation contemporary life.

"I do not know, for life has never been an operation. No plan, look old what? I bent it may be," he said while laughing.

"I love sports every day nge-gym. I also like the pool and Thai Boxing," he added as if to persuade, if him sexy is the result of a natural sport.

End July, spread gossip Indah Kalalo perform breast surgery, be debated but the actress and model of this section. Women aged 28 this year that he had never undergo any operation contemporary life.

But from an image that shows the difference in breast size Indah. In the photograph taken during the film DARAH PERAWAN BULAN MADU is quite clearly visible.

In the middle of the image Indah Restu Sinaga sit together, play in the opponent's horror movie. With wear dress have the lower chest, breast Indah clearly visible prominent. Whether true or not about the rumor breast surgery, until now Indah not be confirmed again with regard to the rumor circulating.

Owner name Indah Mayang Indriyani only ever claim to never do breast surgery, but more like the sport every day, starting nge-gym, swimming and Thai Boxing. So if the correct size increased Indah chest because that sport is a natural or repair? Beautiful still reluctant to comment about this news italics.

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