Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ashton Kutcher More Comfortable Bugil

Unlike the majority of the people who feel ashamed if exposure naked, Ashton Kutcher even feel comfortable any time. He also did not have a problem if the need and the bugil do even Demi Moore's husband is even more comfortable to walk on the location syuting charge sheet without any clothes.

"If kru in the intervention, yet this is not a problem of a small body. the need to have feared," said Ashton relaxed.

Stars Butterfly Effect also confess comfortable without clothes in front of the camera. He is easily the most akting never do. "Make love with the actress is part. Akting It is most easily," said the Contactmusic.

As evidence, Ashton must have some intimate scenes in the newest film Spread, Adem feel calm. But that time, order came a few times in the location syuting. But fortunately only, in the name of professionalism, Demi also have no problem with things like that.

"Yes, if you continue to play the film you are required to shoot someone with a pistol, so you continue to murder in the movie. And when you go home, your wife will not think you are a murderer not really?" Ashton deception.

"You go to work and you role for playing sex with other people, I'm not your wife may think you work for sex. For me and the same film. We understand that the only job, and we comfortable," his him.

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