Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ratu felisha pose naked?

Newspaper aimed at surprising nan beautiful young artist, the Queen felisha. Sinetron ABG players are told that these photographs of a half bugilnya circulating newspaper in one of the Monday edition yesterday. Own claim to the Queen surprised to hear the news.

However, the Queen herself admitted the existence of the photos taken during the holiday with friends in Dream Land, Bali. "It's an image I again call upon the appeal at the beach-use digital camera," he said. "But I was not posing or semi bugil bugil. But I wear clothes pool," he added.

Clearly, any time, the Queen was astonished because the photos can be spread in a newspaper in Jakarta, or may be on the internet. Therefore, the movie stars I BURUAN Kiss! Seventeen and this promises to do research. "If necessary, I akan menggugatnya," Ratu firm.

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