Sunday, April 19, 2009

What is Stroke, What Causes Stroke, and How to Prevent Stroke

What is stroke? Did someone get the attack of stroke? How do I prevent stroke? Many people crave information about stroke. Because the information, now stroke disease can attack anyone without the ages. What antiquity stroke disease suffered by many of those who have tread the five 'old' stroke now have started the young attack.

My neighbor a new age of 33 years have experienced attacks and stroke akahirnya he should lose their jobs. The story here, he got a sudden attack of stroke, there may still be in it please. The disease is stroke some body organs do not function well, until now only to walk he had to use a stick. The period of recovery after stroke attacks get takes a long time. He has no hope to recover quickly so he should receive PHK from BOS.

Well, the information you want to share through my blog I hope this can be useful for visitors who are seeking information about stroke. This article I got from some persons who can be trusted.

According to the Surgical Hospital Mayapada Saraf, Dr Roslan Yusni Hasan, Sp.BS, stroke is a permanent hysteria. Stroke was divided into two types, namely bleeding and stoppage. Stoppage caused by the cumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall or coagulation of the blood stream of stuff to the brain. Moderate bleeding occurred because of broken blood vessel so that obstruct the normal flow of blood to the area and infiltrate the brain and merusaknya. "Both types of stroke is not the same, but the symptoms are the same.

Stroke can also be caused by the high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes or diabetes melitus. even people with diabetes must be extra careful because he is only waiting for the time it is exposed to stroke. For, the blood vessel is terkontaminasi. "This is a risk factor that goes," Roslan explained. The problem is, if one is exposed to stroke, the risk of someone fell ill again akan greater. "That's because the quality of the blood vessel is ugly."

Stroke does not recognize age, and what the affected vulnerable young stroke? A number of cases of stroke in young age, according to Syafrizal, caused a high level of depression and poor eating patterns. Stress can also trigger a stroke causes. Stress will trigger this increase in blood pressure and raised cholesterol in the blood. These conditions make the blood vessel to be stopped. Not in practice young people consume fast food meals.

Stroke can be prevented with early conduct regular inspections to check the blood on a regular basis, and regular pattern of healthy eating, emotional control and a good lifestyle.

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