Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paris Hilton Partying with Torn Clothes

Paris_hilton_sexy Being a wealthy socialite turned out not guarantee perfection one's appearance. Paris Hilton for example, a party with torn clothes.

Paris Hilton was caught a camera partying in a club in Las Vegas. Sequins dress at that time (full bead) in black with a model wearing an asymmetrical shoulders. The dress is very small and tightly embedded in the tiny body of Paris.

Paris was seen dancing to enjoy music played DJ. But as he raised his hand, looked a small tear in the left sleeve of her dress.

Apparently it's not torn or deliberate fashion concept. The dress is too tight it might be torn because he can not follow the movement of Paris was too excited.

But instead of Paris if her name could not enjoy a party. Small tear was made blonde socialite was stopped dancing.

"I enjoy the incredible night there," Paris said after the party, as quoted Dailymail, Thursday (21/1/2010).

Do You Know?

Paris Hilton Make Documentary
You may think you know who Paris Hilton from news in the media. However, looking at the media that Paris is not real. He proved to make a documentary about his life.

The film is titled Paris, Not France, and was premier at the Cannes Film Festival in France last week. The film will also premier on MTV, this summer.

Hollyscoop quoted as saying on Tuesday (19/5/2009), in fact, the film would have been made since three years ago. However, due to disagreements between Paris with the director and producer, the film was delayed.

Movie filmed in London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The film tells of Paris that became a phenomenon. About who the real Paris and her life. What appears in the media gossip about Paris is synonymous with glamor and clubbing, not entirely correct.

The film about a beautiful socialite was also contain comments family, friends, Donald Trump, Media Page Six, and others.

Paris Hilton Serious dating with Cristiano Ronaldo
Paris Hilton's celebrity is easy to get up from the sense of loss. Had just parted with a man he described as her future husband, Doug, now he has steadily dating footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

"He (Ronaldo) really fell in love with Paris. This is a big step. Moreover, she had to go to Dubai for work. Their loyalty will be tested with the distance, "said one source who quoted from Femele detikhot First, Tuesday (16/6/2009).

Not only that, she can also understand the circumstances that Ronaldo was always surrounded by beautiful women. Blonde socialite admitted to not understand the situation.

Unfortunately relations Paris-Ronaldo has not received the blessing of the mother of Real Madrid's players. His mother Dolores admitted Avrio worried when he learned that his son fell in love with Paris.

"She (Paris) is not the ideal type of a law. Dolores was pleased when she heard her son fell in love with Paris. But he felt his son was grown, and let him realize his own mistakes, "said the source was again.

Paris Hilton Asked Role As Mother Teresa
A film director from India wanted to involve Paris Hilton to star in new film that tells of Mother Teresa.

Director who had won numerous awards, T Rajeevnath told IANS, "My agent in California have contacted Paris Hilton."

T Rajeevnath said that he was impressed when he heard that the famous hotel heiress has refused to appear nude for Playboy magazine some time ago.

Rajeevnath also added, "Although there are several actresses willing to play Mother Teresa, someone who is highly respected and admired by many of these people, the background of the actress who was finally selected for this role will be analyzed before it is selected first."

For the film with the English language location will be taken in many areas West Bengal and other regions.

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