Monday, March 22, 2010

New Mobile Products

Succession is a matter that must be endured. Including about mobile. If you could choose, I actually kind of monogamous men, including about HP. Each had to change mobile phones, there is always a feeling of sadness, at least reluctant. Why should I call? Because the only requirement that is all that makes me motivated to change things. There are as drowned in the pool, because there are so many old buttons do not work anymore, and some are missing in the middle of the road.

Without a dramatic causes it, no matter how old a phone, it's actually just me closer to him. Entirely familiar with me. And for what keakrapan, termamsuk to the goods, are we the creatures too. There is a feeling as a friend, relative, and eventually evolved as a family member. So when it comes to parting with the old HP, often do not appear lemon butter.

As I write this column, I had to change phone again, for the umpteenth time. Although I call the umpteenth does not mean that I changed so frequently. But because there are so many issues as I've mentioned before: there is old, who drowned swimming there, something is missing, there can only ever receive SMS but can not send it back. Like a turnover, he was always''to''a newer and higher, more expensive, more foreigners and tail becomes more complex, more annoying ... though certainly more tempting.

But the temptation was not a big problem for me. There are many things that make me tempted, but certainly not about mobile phones. So no matter how expensive, no matter how sophisticated, my feelings to him mediocre. Going on in HP's no radio, no video, no TV, no fridge though, I do not regard it as extraordinary offer. From mobile phones, no matter how sophisticated, actually just split in two functions only, and not the main subject.

Frequently repaired, expensive was nothing more than that is not essential. The subject remained as before. Not much changed. And that's enough for me. So when I was about to change things, I just want to go back to the main points of course, although I do not deny some improvements, such as a brighter sound, a better signal, larger memory, and so on. But the rest back to the basic needs alone.

But my intention is returned to the subject is not easy, because there are fashion and children. Children with fashion is a fish with water. So aggressive that they were in fashion, so if they have their own strong will mode path manipulate everything, including his father. This new mobile is fully my needs, but they are determining. So complete already, this new stuff is all a distraction. Just to look for a function it must be exhausting and mind in such a way. The whole procedure is like a jungle. Just simply send an SMS, with this new tool was causing distress. I was almost giving up in anger.

But before I smash this stuff (and it certainly is not possible) I remembered a simple suggestion. That there is a phase, which humans are asked to be patient over kepayahannya. Phase is called phase study. There is nothing good from those who are learning. No other work except wrong, stupid and miserable. But as far as I observed, I had the courage that made me discover all the fun living in today, including trusted to write this column.

My obstacles immeasurably in writing at the time. But how the barrier was only correspondence with the value provided. All types of new jobs, move, shift toward a more just always cause pain. Finish just because he was taking us to the new values, values which are always more. The key, just going through all stages of the difficulties to be honest, it's annoying

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