Friday, March 26, 2010

Samsung Netbook Corby Reviews

The success of the launch of mobile Corby, Samsung seems to make good use the name. So the latest netbook South Korean vendors are also given the name Corby.

At first glance, the physical form of this netbook looks familiar. Corby netbook apparently is another version of the Samsung flagship netbook, the N150.

It's just like a phone Corby, Corby netbook also wrapped bright colors to entice youth market. There are 3 options offered bright colors of Samsung Yellow Caribbean, Bermuda Blue and Flamingo Pink.

Standard specification for netbooks starting today. Corby netbook screen for 10.1 inch with features such as 1GB DDR2 RAM, Atom N450 processor, 250GB hard drive, webcam, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi availability.

Samsung Netbook Corby was first introduced it in Italy with the price of 329 Euros. Not to mention when this netbook will be marketed globally.

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